about me

Mazzer is a dreamer. He’s constantly thinking about the 3rd and 4th steps without getting up to take the 1st step. He’s constantly reading, listening, learning and repeating the process. He’s never happy with just one achievement and is always striving for more.


This blog provides an invaluable outlet for his passion of giving other people unsolicited and often unqualified advice about nutrition, performance and productivity. His views on life and growth are a thoughtful deconstruction of difficult concepts that often plague the most intelligent of minds. Often his writings wander into a forest of ambiguity, plagued by, incorrect, grammatical, use, unfinished thoughts or one word sentences. Commendable. Perhaps he should learn to use a thesaurus from time to time but no matter, it is still a riveting read as both he and the reader never know where it will go next.


In fact, he often doesn’t even proof read his own work – he just writes what he’s thinking, hits publish and then suffers the shame and distress by his few followers with a barrage of criticism and one word * highlights to identify he has no idea what a possessive apostrophe is. #proofmyride


He just jumped into writing this blog without even investigating how to create the design, the following or how to create the right atmosphere to be successful. It is with this premise that things get truly interesting as without methodology there is no expectation – which is the best type of blog you can possibly hope for.


His creative scribbles are unique and interesting, taking current topics of debate or interest and turning them into an almost childlike of basicness that is enjoyable to read. Although enjoyable, I’m unsure whether his writings are based in science or fact or just musings, he hasn’t made this clear. He hasn’t even started an introduction into these creative pieces, they’re just ‘there’. Again, this creates the feeling that it’s rather a privilege to read this work and like a good artist, it needs no introduction.


This is a thoroughly enjoyable blog by a man who is truly, making it up as he goes along.


Enjoy the ride.

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